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The best ally of communication: how to take full advantage of Instagram

Nowadays, one of the most widely used social networks is undoubtedly Instagram. With more than two billion monthly active users, this platform goes beyond the function of a simple personal diary or scrapbook.

The social platform Instagram has grown exponentially in recent years, from 130 million monthly active users in 2013 to more than two billion in the past year. Its growth has also transformed the type of users accessing the platform: initially aimed at teenagers who could share moments of their day through photos and videos, it has engaged an increasingly large audience, eventually capturing the attention of the business world.

Instagram, in fact, can be a very powerful tool for increasing the visibility of a company, brand or even a freelancer. However, taking advantage of this enormous possibility requires knowing how to use it.

It is not enough to publish just any post or story, even if it is carefully crafted, but it is necessary to have a communication strategy suited to the content you want to publicize, the target audience you want to reach, and the reputation the brand wants to achieve. This is why it is essential to rely on experts.

Mediability is the right communications agency with more than two decades of experience and was founded precisely with the goal of creating a digital identity for companies.

So, if you are interested in learning more, contact Mediability and we will be happy to tailor communications to your needs, creating your graphic and text content, drafting your editorial calendar and giving you the ability to monitor visibility trends.



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