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Photo books: the secrets to realize a high quality photo book

Advertising is everywhere, it surrounds us: nowadays, it is even decisive for being a model, especially in the presentation phase and the first approach to the industry. That is why it should be automatic to know every trick of the trade, unwritten rules and basic secrets to get to present yourself in the best possible way. However, this is not always the case, which is why we have decided to collect together these small pieces of advice in order to make the picture sharper and clearer.

Set fotografico Torino

First of all, and this may seem trite, but it is less obvious than it might appear at first glance, the images you provide must necessarily be striking: in order to catch the interest of the fashion world, you must sell yourself immediately through convincing shots. First impressions make all the difference, which is why industry insiders (of all kinds) need to be impressed immediately, without having to spend too much time analysing the application. Hence the importance of relying on experts in the field who can guarantee the creation of a book with the right characteristics to make an impression.

Book fotografico Torino

Specialisation is also a crucial step: a photographic book, even by a top professional, cannot give its best if it is built on confused assumptions; it would always be better to define at the outset which field is best suited to one’s characteristics and to which one aspires.

Book fotografico Torino

Finally, the number and type: how many and which photos should be included in a good photographic book? Normally, the number is around 7 or 8: it is important that they are certainly well taken care of, but at the same time as diversified as possible, so as to be able to demonstrate that you are able to adapt to every field. As far as type is concerned, the presence of a few close-ups is certainly fundamental. In any case, it is necessary to avoid using several photos with the same look or of the same shooting. Taking this brief summary to heart, if your aspirations are in the world of fashion and communication, it is now your turn: get involved and enhance your image by creating a personal book. Mediability offers you the ideal environment and the experience of professionals in the sector.



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