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Meme & Real-Time: between marketing and law

During the Sanremo Festival, many brands used singers’ faces to create memes and real-time content on social media. But is it legal to do so?

To clarify the issue, lawyer Alessandro Vercellotti, an expert in the field, spoke about how it is possible to use them. According to the lawyer, it is possible to use memes in communication when it comes to famous people, but it is important to respect some rules. In particular, no one should be defamed, and no direct profit should be made from the content.

Moreover, memes must have a humorous or satirical purpose. The same goes for the use of a famous person’s image to create real-time content. This term refers to being able to create an interactive and dynamic marketing experience that adapts to the customers’ needs in real-time, making a viral event consistent to one’s own product or brand.

Memes and real-time content are powerful communication tools that can help democratize a message and create a closer relationship between the brand and its community. However, it is essential that their use is always accompanied by ethics and common sense.

In summary, if you are a social communication agency and want to use memes or real-time content with famous people, make sure to follow the rules and not defame anyone. Also, remember that the use of these communication techniques should not have direct commercial purposes. If you follow these guidelines, memes and real-time content can become effective tools to engage your audience on social media.

Mediability is a communication agency expert in the field, so it will be able to create a tailor-made marketing and communication experience for your brand or company while respecting the legislation.



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