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Maserati honours Sir Stirling Moss

A prototype of the Maserati MC20, Maserati’s new super sports car, pays tribute to Sir Stirling Moss, the English driving ace who passed away on 12 April at the age of 90, giving the new MC20 prototype a personalised livery with the “signature” of the famous British driver. A new design has been chosen for the bodywork of the new MC20 supercar, inspired by the Maserati Eldorado that Moss brought to life at Monza in 1958 on the occasion of the “Trofeo dei due Mondi”.

Maserati has chosen the date 13 May to remember the great British driver: among the many trophies in the British champion’s trophy cabinet, the victory in the Monaco F1 Grand Prix on 13 May 1956 with the Maserati 250F certainly shines. It was an extraordinary success as Moss led the race from the first to the last of the 100 laps of the winding and demanding Monaco circuit. With this MC20 prototype, Maserati wants to remember one of the protagonists of the history of world motorsport, who played a part in some of the most beautiful pages of Maserati’s sporting history.

Moss, who boasts 16 victories in 66 Formula 1 Grand Prix races, was one of the most successful drivers who never got to celebrate the title. Sir Stirling came close to winning the world championship on more than one occasion, finishing second on four occasions and third in three championships, earning him the nickname ‘King Without a Crown’.

The new MC20, testing of which is drawing to a close ahead of its official launch at the end of 2020, does not just celebrate Sir Moss’ sporting achievements but aims to underline Maserati’s sporting pedigree by relaunching the brand in motorsport.

Furthermore, the new MC20 will not only represent Maserati’s return to racing, but will also be the first car to adopt a new engine designed, developed and produced 100% by Maserati. According to the first rumours, the two-seater super sports car with a carbon-fibre chassis will be powered by a twin-turbocharged 6-cylinder engine producing around 600 bhp, which will be joined by an electric motor.

Anxiously awaiting Maserati’s return to the racetrack, Mediability has been (virtually) on board the new prototype and has followed the Maserati press review and analysis with the utmost professionalism.



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