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Being a sustainable business: aspects to emphasize and mistakes to avoid

Nowadays, the topic of corporate sustainability is more relevant than ever. We hear more and more about sustainable practices, but it is necessary to properly understand what they are. Firstly, working in a sustainable way doesn’t concern just a single field, but it is essential to pay attention to the environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The environmental one is fundamental in a world dominated by an increased number of climatic disasters and filled with pollution, that’s why the usage of resources in a conscious manner is necessary also with consideration to the future employment of such materials. Indeed, the environment must be protected not only with an eye on the present, but also with the aim of protecting the necessities of future generations.

The social responsibility is related to the firm’s attitude towards its employees. Indeed, it is fundamental to guarantee justice and equality to employees, apart from protecting them through proper safety conditions in the workplace. Lastly, the economic sustainability occurs when a firm produces certain products and/or services that improve people’s lives. These three categories, if they are well balanced, determine the smooth running of the firm’s aim of being sustainable. However, there are precautions that should be taken into consideration.

Currently, there are businesses which tend to use the so-called greenwashing as a strategy, which means to employ sustainable practices just for marketing purposes, but the risk the firm runs in these cases is the potential loss of credibility and to appear to be less sensitive to environmental topics. Indeed, it is necessary to implement concrete practices which become part of the firm’s values, focusing the attention on the sustainability of corporate processes. In addition, respecting international and national laws and standards of sustainability improves the corporate’s reputation, a factor that could surely help to successfully achieve the corporate’s goals. Last but not least, it is essential to be aware of the impact that the firm has on local communities in order to defend their necessities. That’s why a general commitment to respecting the community and the environment shows the concern of a firm to actually be a sustainable reality.

Mediability is a communication agency that places sustainability at the center, guaranteeing ideal work conditions to its employees and providing high-quality services to its clients with due regard for the surrounding environment. Indeed, all our clients are particularly interested in the topic of sustainability and our agency supports them in the choice of the best practices in this regard. If you are interested in having a consulence with us in order to understand how to improve the sustainbility of your business and how to best communicate your corporate’s values, don’t esitate to contact us!



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