Press Office

Press Office

Means of communication continue to evolve, and channels are being constantly transformed, but the Press Office continues to play a key role in ensuring successful communications.

Publicising and promoting a company’s image, ensuring visibility for its products and initiatives is a true art. It cannot be improvised! Experience, background and networks are of essential importance in any press office, all tempered by on-going updating. This is why Mediability offers a Press Office service that takes all communication channels into account, with a special emphasis on new ways of communicating such as blogs and social media.

Mediability acts as intermediary between an enterprise and the media, ensuring that the company’s brand, trademark and management have a media profile that has been carefully planned and defined on the basis of requirements, focusing on values such as reputation and leadership.

Mediability takes care of all communication aspects:

  • Editing of press realeases, press file, advertorial, photographic service, contents duplication on electronic format
  • Interviews coordination
  • Press conference organization
  • Pr
  • Crisis Management
  • Creationg and managing of mailing lists
  • Objective definition
  • Editorial plan monitoring
  • Managign of press release databases, photo book
  • Exhibition booth managing

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